Legal Services

Expert Economist

We provide credible expert report, deposition, and testimony to assist triers of fact arrive at estimates of economic damages in various types of litigations. We work with attorneys representing both plaintiffs and defendants. Our areas of expertise include:

Personal Injury and Wrongful Death

We estimate economic losses, which tort victim or the victim’s family members suffer as a result of injury and wrongful death. These losses may include estimates of past and current earnings, as well as future earning capacity. They may also include value of lost household services as well as past, current, and future medical costs

Breach of Contract and Business Torts

We estimate economic damages caused by business torts or breach of contract. These types of damages may include: losses of profit, unusual expenses, and reduction in enterprise value.


We can also assess whether employment related actions were influenced by discrimination; and if economic losses can be attributed to the discrimination suffered. These losses may include lost earnings, future earnings, and efforts on the part of the plaintiff to mitigate the economic and emotional impact of the discrimination suffered.

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