Small Businesses

Small businesses are the economic engine of the US. However, starting and running one successfully is significantly challenging. Thirty-percent of small businesses fail in the first year, and less than half of them survive beyond five years.

One of the main reasons why these businesses fail is the lack of expertise in financial management. Most people tend to think that businesses fail due to lack of profitability. In reality, one-in-five of the businesses that fail were actually profitable. While profit is an important metric in managing any business.However, for a business to actually thrive, cash flow (short-term and long-term) management is even more critical.

Effective cash flow management, allows you to anticipate funding needs and line them up before the needs arrive, or when to allocate funds to more value adding projects and growth opportunities.

At Bancrest, we understand that the financial needs of small businesses are very unique and different from those of large businesses. The solutions we provide for our clients reflects these beliefs. Let’s help you craft and implement personalized financial strategies that will give your firm the advantage you need to thrive over your competitors.

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