About Us

At Bancrest, we support our clients with first class solutions on a key range of services that can help you grow your business.

Business Intelligence

Our business intelligence and analytics services can help your business gain real-time insights on business metrics and customer attributes, for value creating decisions. We are business analytic experts, with over a decade long experience working with business and financial data. We can help you get deeper understanding of your customers, processes and products. Our experts will help you harness the power of current data analytics platform including, SAS, R, Tableau, and Google Analytics to gain a competitive edge in the today's market place.

Business and Financial Valuations

We provide quantitative and qualitative assessments of economic value for ventures. In our analyses, we help clients unlock the value attributes of a venture. We also provide estimates of the economic value of a business using valuations models such as: market comparables, or discounted cash flow analysis.

Strategy Consulting

We help clients craft and implement customized financial strategies. Our solutions are based on methodical analyses of the firm’s strategic environment, as well as the fundamental attributes of success.

Litigation Support Services

We provide credible expert report, deposition, and testimony to assist triers of fact arrive at estimates of economic damages in various types of litigations. We work with attorneys representing both plaintiffs and defendants.

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